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Our Club practices basic movements, forms, and kumite drills. Basics consist of punching, blocking and kicking. Forms are sets of prearranged movements designed to simulate defense against multiple opponents. Kumite or fighting drills depend on the individuals skill level.

As a club we participate in regional trainings, regional tournaments, national tournaments as well as international tournaments.
We encourage our students to participate in tournaments, however they are not mandatory!

The OSU Shotokan Karate Club welcomes any individual who would like to try martial arts. This includes students, faculty, staff, children and non-students who reside in the Columbus area.

The 3 aspects of training:

Kihon, Kata, and Kumite

Kihon - (basics) is characterized by long, low stances that provide a strong foundation and enable quick, powerful movements.

Kata - (forms) prearranged movements to apply kihon in a multiple-opponent scenario

Kumite - (sparring) applying kihon and kata against a partner. Movements are more fluid and less structured; focus is on speed and accuracy.

Shotokan karate is most often described as a striking art, training equally using our hands and feet. As the participant develops in their training, grabs and throw are also incorporated. The goal of our training is to be able to disable our opponent with one devastating strike by maximizing the body's power through the technique.


Sundays we meet in the PAES Building, Room A200. This is the big hardwood floor room on the second floor of the PAES Building. The PAES Building is attached to the RPAC by the Scarlet Skyway.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we meet in Room 138 East of the RPAC. The entrance to this room is on the back hallway that runs along the glass wall (see arrow in the picture below).

Steps to get to B138 East:

1. Go through the turnstiles in the RPAC lobby where you show your pass and take the first hallway to the right.

2. Go past the restrooms, through the double doors and down the small flight of stairs.

3. Turn left and go straight ahead through the single door in the brick wall

4. Walk down the long hallway with the glass wall to your right - we are in the last room on the left!

If you have trouble finding us, please ask the front desk how to access the "back part of multipurpose room 4."

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OSU Shotokan Karate

Club Instructors:

Head Instructor:

Adam Clouser


JR Geoffrion 

Club Officers:


Janet Meier  


Archie Tram


Anna Burns


Puteri Megat

Risk Manager

Nathan Spurlock


Jacob Naduparambil